Thanks to all the doctors, nurses, orderlies, respiratory medical staff, personal support workers, midwives and all other hospital, health care and safety front line workers. We appreciate the care you provide in these challenging times and acknowledge your daily sacrifices. We appreciate you leaving, and at times neglecting your loved ones in order to safeguard ours.

We know that you are overworked, overwhelmed and at times feel helpless.  Our research has provided that immigrant groups form a volume of front line health care workers.  Further, this group has split families and don’t enjoy the family, emotional support of their parents and/or grandparents.

 We hear the voice of health care front line workers surveyed regarding the desire for family support in these trying times when they are being pushed to the limit.   We also understand that the present legislation has restricted the number of parents/grandparents who will be admitted moving forward.

If you support the perspective that front line health care workers should be allotted specific spaces in the parents/grandparents sponsorship, please complete the enclosed internet petition to support their cause.   

If front line health care workers fail, so does our health care system along with the lives and welfare of all who are dependent upon them.