Brand Marketing

At Paris Media Group, we cherish bringing brands to new levels through  our well developed stages. This is established through our creation of exclusive platforms for business growth and development via sports, entertainment, movies, fashion, culture, special events. Our genuine passion and shared interests in these mentioned areas help us to form a close connection with our client base while also thinking along the lines of the end user. We acknowledge the market diversification component brand objective while jointly respecting the challenge for our branding techniques to make the event a distinct end user interaction.  This collaborative thought process makes our branding efforts a 360 degree unique experience which builds brand equity.

The global scope of the entertainment and sports industry in conjunction with the rapid pace of technological advancement makes this industry challenging for organizations and individuals without the right representation.  Paris Media Group’s creative design concepts in the use of mobile and social media marketing, naming rights, digital workshops and media rights are at the forefront of our innovative solutions.  Our dynamic industry strategies bring life to your brand while attracting new and diverse audiences outside of the immediate market periphery.

From a risk management perspective, we understand the risks and potential liability associated with the ever evolving array of companies involved within the industry. Our proactive approach strikes an importance balance between minimizing risk and maximizing market diversification. Contact us today allowing us to create your most powerful, impressive and memorable branding campaign.

Business Organizations

Our business organization services develop and deliver cost effect and result oriented assistance to businesses and individuals.  Within the process we build strong relationships with clients in developing best strategies for case resolution. Paris Media Group provides detailed information for case analysis allowing clients to make informed decisions. This close working relationship with clients enables them to understand routine as well as complex aspects of their matters.

Facilitating individuals and corporations to transcend borders along with the challenges experienced in the process is a key focus. The management of cross border interests encapsulates a diverse client base in various industries including education, arts and sciences, banking and finance, technology, sports and entertainment, investors and entrepreneurs, oil and gas, real estate development, manufacturing , transportation and technology.

We bring a wealth of experience, conduct our due diligence and ask the right questions in providing business organizations services including:

■ process formation and nature of ownership
■ compliance counseling and the development of compliance programs
■ counseling businesses in developing strategies and policies to manage an international workforce and ensuring compliance
■ advising corporations and their officers , directors, controlling shareholders
■ contractual agreements
■ complying with employment, immigration policies and legislation

As communication and technological advancements reduce some life challenges, the challenges of having family, staff, business services in the right countries when you need them continue to increase.  Self employed business persons, entrepreneurs, investors are a few of the list of clients who cannot allow their global business expansions to be interrupted by ever challenging business and immigration policies.


At Paris Media Group, we provide guidance to the immigration process. Our immigration services supplement the business organization services. The complementing strengths and common mission create an immediate sense of trust in the minds of clients knowing that these areas are synchronized. Paris Media Group facilitates an array of immigration services including self employed and business immigration, work permits, intra company transferee, CUSMA, family class sponsorship, humanitarian applications.

Paris Media Group supplies an integrated process of transferring skilled labour and corporate assets, business persons expanding into market places outside of their traditional borders.  We pride ourselves on resolution strategies which facilitate the goals and interests of our client base.