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    Paris Dryden

    Paris Dryden is the managing founder of Paris Media Group. Paris was formerly with James Craig Law where he developed an international…



Comprehensive Knowledge

Paris Media Group provides top tier services in representing the global movement of corporations, employees and individuals who are often seeking new beginnings internationally.  Our professionals and associates are extremely knowledgeable in facilitating cross border business transactions and negotiations that transcend the fields of business, film and media, branding and licensing, sports and immigration. This diverse knowledge along with our affiliated resource base provide us a platform in resolving challenging issues within day to day operations.

Comprehensive knowledge is one of the founding principles of our result oriented services. The additional principles of professionalism, integrity and commitment are entrenched in our office culture making it our pleasure to represent your best interests.

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    Tianna Feng

    Tianna Feng is the Asian Markets Executive Coordinator. Tianna was formerly with TD Canada’s Markham wealth management office for 4 years…




At Paris Media Group, our experience and dedication to the needs of our client base are assets that set us apart.  We have work experience at multiple platforms including federal governments, private practice and fortune 500 organizations. Our experience in diverse areas assists us in providing services to organizations and individuals who recognize our representative achievements. We believe this is a testament to our office culture and attributes. Our success speaks of our ability to adapt to the challenges faced by each individual client.   This adaptability is part and parcel of our mission which is to facilitate the goals and interests of our client base.


Paris Media Group advocates for a local and global client base.  Our mission is to aid clients to achieve their goals and objectives. Above and beyond representative services, we invest time and resources in our client communities. Within the process, our organization obtains contextual and cultural knowledge in the development of relationships. We strongly believe that our participation in community enrichment objectives is a compliment to our application of knowledge and experience based services.